About the Architect

A 1963 graduate of Stanford University, Boone Morrison was active in architecture with his own practice for nearly 40 years and had a background in hands-on construction as well as design.

In addition to extensive work with private residential projects (more than 80 homes built), he was a Federally Certified Historic Preservation Architect with many completed restoration projects involving National and State Landmark properties.

His interest in architecture began at age 12 when he came under the influence of a Frank Lloyd Wright trained architect who showed him what a life in design could be. Morrison had extensive hands-on experience in the building trades, having worked as a carpenter from age 16, earning much of his educational expenses while learning how buildings are built from the ground up.

Morrison’s personal involvement in fine art and craft informed his work in architecture, bringing an added dimension to his designs. Having created two respected galleries in Hawaii (the Foundry in Honolulu and the Volcano Art Center at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park) his awareness of the arts infuses his designs with an added dimension not often seen in contemporary work. With both galleries he demonstrated the “adaptive re-use” of historic buildings for exciting new purposes.

With his talented support staff, Morrison worked in a very close personal relationship with each client, stating that, “there are no standard approaches, each project is client and site specific”. With a reverence for fine craftsmanship, Morrison worked with a selected group of builders who understand his standards and follow through with all aspects of the design intentions.


Since Boone’s passing in 2018, his long-time apprentice Seth Warner has carried on this design sensibility and continues to work with the select group of builders who understand the standards and design intentions Boone established over many years.

Seth Warner may be contacted at Seth Warner Design