R Residence

Design Process

This project, located on a dramatic and challenging site on the Island of Hawaii is a study in the design process. The site, on a low ridge at the 1800’ level next to a year-round stream, overlooks the surrounding rainforest and ocean beyond. As it is located in a Conservation Zone, strict environmental controls prevail.

Work began with an extensive site study using satellite photographs, topographic maps and numerous site visits. Finally a detailed topographic study of the area selected for the residence and design work began.

Shown here is the very first “genesis sketch” of the design, continuing to the current level of design of the floor plan and views of the proposed overall home. Now at the “Schematic Design” level a group of views were prepared to complete the delivery to the client for their review and comment.

Based on those comments, work will continue, with revisions, fine tuning and then the Construction Documents needed to construct the building.

This is a typical example of the design process for Boone Morrison Architects.

Client name withheld by request.